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Sometimes, when we think we least expect it the trajectory of our lives tips, suddenly, and what was up is now off to the side and down to the other, like a topsy turvy our heads spin a little from the shift in momentum, but like a cyclone there remains a deep sense of peace, a center of gravity, the eye in the proverbial storm. Sometimes we allow ourselves to get distracted by.. Read More

I feel the earth move under my feet

I knew 2015 was going to be epic, radical even, though I couldn’t possibly have known how. Already though I feel the rumblings, no the tectonic plate shifts – everything is changing. What do you do when you feel something to be so deeply right in your soul and yet so preposterous to the mental mind. Maybe these words are dramatic, but somehow they feel right in their representation of the contrast and.. Read More

A shift…

Just like that – a switch has flipped and in so many ways I have shifted. Only a week before I felt the weight of the world pushing down on me, everything in question, everything confusing and so utterly depressing. I didn’t really know how to be anymore without my head spinning from the sense that I was suddenly aware of just how messed up our world is and yet no one else.. Read More

It’s time to Unlearn

I’m on this crazy, messy, beautiful journey right now of questioning and reconsidering everything. Sometimes it’s a really dark and scary place. And then… then I remember that I’m right where I need to be, and that this movement into uncertainty, diving deep into the messy, uncovering raw truth, and starting again is all deeply critical on my journey to Unlearning the lies of the world and Remembering the Divine Truths. As we grow.. Read More

I know nothing

I was in middle school, she was in high school and lived just around the corner. I never actually knew her, but when the news spread like wildfire that she’d killed herself my whole world tilted on it’s side, and oh how I cried. I can still picture her house in my mind’s eye, I know exactly where she lived. She went to the High School I would later attend and then graduate.. Read More


So – remember when I said my word this year is ‘Radical’? Well, apparently it’s also ‘Why’. I can remember back to my childhood and being in the car with my sister and either one or both of our parents and asking ‘Why?’ a WHOLE LOT. I’ve always been a curious, investigative person. It’s how one simple blog post or article online can lead to a rabbit trail that lasts days. Or how.. Read More


I didn’t think I was a ‘word’ type – you know, the kind who picks out a word for the year… And then I caught up on posts in an amazing group of bloggers I’m apart of and scrolled through my Facebook feed only to find yet another reminder and so here I am… Under the most amazing full moon, with the crisp cool air just beyond my window as I cuddle into.. Read More

Time to remember…

I’m not the person I was a year ago. In some ways I’m grateful, in others sad. There’s parts of who I was then that I miss, parts I wish I could rediscover, and of course parts I’m glad to see left behind. But I sit here and feel such an urge to run from pieces of my life, to take a leap into the unknown rather than remain stuck in the here.. Read More

Reflecting on 2014

It’s amazing to me how fast a year seems to have flown by when looking back, and yet when I pause to think through the various moments it seems as though – when in the ‘in between’s’ – the time in fact passed so much slower. I’m not generally one to do ‘reflections on the year past’ or ‘New Year’s resolutions’ – but alas, here I am. I’ve shared recently that I have quite the.. Read More

I’m back!

The blank screen feels daunting after so much time away, but oh how I’ve missed it. I downloaded the Facebook app tonight and took a quick gander through the notifications, a few posts here and there. In truth I feel as though I’ve missed nothing by being away. That being said, there was a surprising click that happened inside of me when I stepped back into that world. All at once I felt.. Read More

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